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The most advanced fluid simulation tools to improve efficiency in your projects

Slidian - Simulaciones de fluidos

Street level fluid dynamics

We look for bringing everybody access to the most advance fluid dynamic simulation tools and trying to solve common problems such as adequate ventilation for different type of locals being more efficient.

  • Building aerodynamics

  • Thermal analysis

  • Ventilation and air renovation

  • Gases dispersion

  • Hydrodynamic study

  • Hydropower industry study

Slidian - Seguridad


We guarantee environmental safety regarding pollutant dispersion as COVID-19.

Slidian - Precisión


We look for energy efficiency improvements, which means high savings in ventilation, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Slidian - Agilidad


Thanks to our qualified and experience team, we effectively perform the data acquisition and the generation of results.

Slidian - Ahorro


Ventilation, heating, air condition and refrigeration systems become cost and time saving.


Are you worry about ventilation in your company?

Contact us to a customized study

To whom is focus our services?

We work with a wide variety of industries from energy companies or big industries to data centers.

Slidian - Industrias - Ventilacion, A/C y calefacción

Ventilation, A/C and heating

Slidian - Industrias - Electrónica y centros de datos

Electronics and data centers

Slidian - Industrias - Arquitectura e ingenieria civil

Architecture and civil engineering

Slidian - Industrias - Industrial

Industrial sector

Slidian - Industrias - Energía

Energy sector

Slidian - Industrias - Tratamiento de aguas

Water treatment

Our workflow

From the beginning of the project, you will be assigned one of our project managers to be your interlocutor who will help you with to solve every doubt you could have.

Slidian - Proceso de trabajo - Toma de datos

Problem definition and data acquisition

The client explains the problem to solve, and we obtain every data needed to build a physical and geometrical model.

Slidian - Proceso de trabajo - Modelización del problema

Problem modeling

A 3D model of the element or place to study is built. With this information a deep analysis of fluid behavior will be perform.

Slidian - Proceso de trabajo - Resolución y mejoras

Solution and proposed improvements

A full report is sent to the client. Improvements, redesigns or some optimization will be proposed to ensure the best solution.

+10 years

of experience


international projects


satisfied clients

Slidian - Simulación de Fluidos

Who we are

SLIDIAN is born with the mission of analyze and optimize fluid behavior for industrial applications using CFD simulations.

Slidian - Simulación de Fluidos

Quiénes somos

SLIDIAN nace con la misión de aportar soluciones a los problemas de ventilación que se presentaron en muchas empresas y negocios con motivo de la pandemia del COVID19

+10 años

de experiencia


proyectos internacionales


clientes satisfechos

Slidian - Fluid Dynamics Lab

Baixada Gándara 16,
36331 Vigo
+34 886113547

2500 CityWest Blvd
Houston TX 77042 
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Slidian - Fluid Dynamics Lab

Baixada Gándara 16,
36331 Vigo
+34 886113547

Steur 50, 3344 JJ
+31 78 641 4525

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